A journey to inaccessible places


In April my girlfriend and me where going to marry. We were thinking about a place to go on our honeymoon motorbike -vacantion. But any place we could think of seemed just to be a place as any other. Then came the idea to bring a visit to the Prieuré, or at least what remained of it. Ever since we've been involved in the 4th way work there had been this notion of the Prieuré in Fontainebleau-Avon. But it was always an intellectual idea read from books or by hearing people talk about it. There was no physical or emotional experience connected to it. That made us decide we would go there.

We did not have any expectations about what we would find there. I've been in other magical places and knew this one had ceased to be.

The Prieuré

The garden of the Prieuré

Le Paradou

Gurdjieff in Paris

Gurdjieff's grave

Being at the Prieuré and seeing the places that we had only read about was certainly interesting. But it felt we were in the right place at the wrong time. Having been there I can say that nothing can be found there. Although being at Gurdjieff's grave was very emotional to us. Considering that we used the experience to feed our work I's it was profitable. If you think it would be for you too I can certainly recommend you to go and see for yourself.