Le Paradou

A little funny building on the premises of the Prieuré is called "Le Paradou". Frits Peters writes in his book "Boyhood with Gurdjieff" that this was the place where "The Russians" lived. It was sad to see that the building is in a very bad state.
The building is currently unoccupied and I would not be surprised if it is for sale. 
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Here the building can be seen from the Prieuré building. Le Paradou is standing on a hill, raised about 15 meters above the rest of the premises. A small path with steps leads up the hill where we came up to a small yard paved with stones. 
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Never mind, that's just me walking there. In the back, in between the trees, you can see the Prieuré. 
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Here we tried to put as much of the building into the picture as was possible at such a close distance. In the high-res image you can clearly see that the building is in a very bad state. The painting is coming off, and the wood of the windows and doors is rotting away.

At this point we met the gardener who was trying to make clear to us that we weren't supposed to be there, that it was private property owned by the nursing home, and a lot more that we didn't understand.

My thanks goes out to this gardener who stayed very polite while we where pretending that we didn't understand a single word of French. 

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When we walked away from the Prieuré, we took this idyllic picture. 
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